This is Descent.

Prepare to go down once more into the depths of the Post-Terran Mining Corporation's lunar mines and laboratories, as this retelling of the classic action game DESCENT plunges you into a conspiracy in the middle of an alien invasion. Mining robots have become killing machines and the PTMC needs your help to counter their destruction.

Enjoy the full six-degrees-of-freedom gameplay that made Descent an outstanding hit in the 90s, including its classic robot foes, weapons, powerups and environments. Go deeper into the Descent universe with every episode of the game and uncover a detailed plot that revolves around bureaucracy, betrayal, military strategy and alien science. See new places and meet new characters along your journey that give a fresh spin to the story. This is Descent... this is SOL CONTINGENCY.

Episode 1: THE LUNAR INCIDENT is in the works. Stay up to date on its progress via RSS or e-mail subscription.


Wrapping up development…

10/09/2014, 00:30 UTC

Steam tracking: done
Audio/video setup options: done
UI design: almost done
Final HUD design: in progress
Soundtrack: quite a few songs to select from

Game content: more finishing touches are added by the team to put the extended development time to good use. Retexturing the Pyro model, reworking animations and sounds for the map. Basically tuning as long as they have time. Second map also in progress.

*UNOFFICIALLY*: I’d say game out in October. Two year anniversary, hah!

Check out our growing gallery of final shots from the game.

SolC Lead

Another round of gameplay footage!

12/05/2014, 22:34 UTC

Hi fellow Descenters,

as promised, we want to sweeten up your wait with some more gameplay shots from the closed testing currently taking place. Our handful of veteran Descent multiplayer experts will help us sort out problems and balancing while we finish building the necessary stuff around the core game, preparing it for release in a few weeks’ time.

This time we’ve got raw footage from a testing session up on YouTube so you can hear the sound effects and watch how intense the fighting is in tight spaces with six players going against each other. We hope you enjoy it and prepare yourself for descent. The game is almost in your hands!

Getting close

27/04/2014, 21:56 UTC

Hi again Descenters,

it’s almost the end of April and our game is coming along nicely. We have an almost feature-complete build with every function in place that we had planned for this preview release.

However, even though the gamePLAY will be complete by next week, we are still missing a few important ingredients we absolutely need to integrate before releasing even an alpha-quality preview to you. This includes cosmetic things such as getting the menu interface to work as well as the vital tracking of multiplayer games and joystick input. We said the game would come with joystick support and we will make sure it works before releasing. In total, these additions should take another two to three weeks estimated.

However, instead of leaving the actual game sitting around waiting, we will use that time for some serious closed playtesting to make sure we get the biggest bugs and imbalances ironed out before the game comes out. Please understand what we are building is still an “early access” version of an unfinished product and we will rely on feedback from every one of you players to find and correct problems later, after its release. However, we want to deliver something that works right when it lands on your computer, so we have decided to pick a few Descent veteran players, who have already been involved here and there as consultants, to help us stress test the game while we build the aforementioned systems.

And, since the gameplay is basically complete, stay tuned for some tasty screenshots in the coming days that will give you a better impression of what to expect from the build.

We apologize for the delays and say thanks for sticking with us and hanging on till release day!

“When will this game be released?” you ask – here’s the answer

02/04/2014, 00:37 UTC

Hi Descent fans and new players,

many of you are wondering how “Proving Grounds” is coming along as we originally said we were targeting February to March as our release timeframe, but we have since stated in several comments and (passively) in two press articles that the game is now due to be out in March-April. We were trying to push for a March release but could not make it, so we are using the new window to get all kinds of things in order now that we have completed the heavy lifting of finishing basic gameplay and level design (which was a huge task to undertake).

As it stands, I’d estimate the “Proving Grounds” demo is 80% done at this point, but many features need to be finished, tested and balanced before release. We hope you bear with us a little longer as we storm down to the finish line with the game in tow. This is the first release of a game for many of us, but we will get it done after coming this far.

All the best and stay tuned

Sol Contingency Project Lead

First SolC gameplay footage!

24/02/2014, 01:36 UTC

Descenters, this is your first taste of Sol Contingency multiplayer gameplay! Enjoy!

First multiplayer snaps

16/02/2014, 23:15 UTC

Hi Descenters,

we thought we’d film our first online networking test session that the team had this weekend, finally giving you a taste of what (multiplayer) gameplay is going to look like when you get your hands on it. While the video is still in editing (keep your eyes peeled!), here are a few snapshots from the session.

“Proving Grounds” delayed until early 2014

20/12/2013, 13:54 UTC

Hello Descent fans!

Unfortunately we have to tell you today that we will not make our initial Christmas release date. Instead, we are now targeting a release in February-March 2014. We are very sorry that we can’t give you better news, but we have good reasons for the delay:

As we were developing the promised preview build “Proving Grounds”, we realized that we needed to go further than we had anticipated to give players a substantially enjoyable (and hassle-free) playing experience. We want you to enjoy the game even if it’s just a preview of the full version, but too many systems and assets are still in development, preventing us from actually putting together a game that looks good and feels fluid. In a nutshell, the game is not ready yet, even for a very hacky “tech preview” version.
With that said, we have now agreed to take this first release a bit further and not only complete what we promised, but put an extra layer of polish on top of it. That means the maps will look more refined, there will be a kick-ass model of the Pyro-GX in the game, we will have some great visual effects done by our newest team member and the game will also feature an easy-to-use interface and HUD system – all of which are things that would have been impossible if we had indeed shot for a Christmas release until the very end. It also gives us more time to develop a solid technical base for the multiplayer side of the game, making later updates simple with additions such as new game types, maps and other features. We do plan to support this first build with such updates to evolve it into a fully-featured multiplayer client which will be free for anyone to play.

However, we are still also facing a lot of work to complete the meat of the game – the single-player campaign. With the content made for Proving Grounds, we can produce the first episode using existing work while adding new stuff as needed. Still, we are a small team making a game by huge demand, all on our free time. We are concerned that the delay we announce today may not remain the only one when we continue with the single-player missions. To create content for a modern game like Sol Contingency, we need a lot of time to produce assets, and manpower only gets us so far. Ever since we started more than a year ago, we have refined our team and come to the conclusion that a well-organized small group of developers works better for us than a large amount of freelancers. This means we need *even more* time to complete the game, and making it on a reasonable schedule will probably require more than what our spare time (next to our jobs and other obligations) offers.
For this reason we are considering to make Sol Contingency an officially funded game, hopefully using a license to keep the Descent references. Many of you have been asking for a Kickstarter campaign to speed up development and we were overwhelmed by your support, but legal concerns always kept us from pursuing a funding campaign. We will try and look into the legal matter after we have released Proving Grounds – as the title suggests, we want to prove to you first that we can make this game and do it right. We hope for your continued support and will leave you with a few new shots of some of the cool work currently in progress at the Sol Contingency Development Center ;)

Merry Christmas and have a great new year

- the SolC team

Building a ship

28/10/2013, 23:50 UTC

What good would a multiplayer 6DOF game be without a kick-ass spaceship? Our 3D lead DuderSeb, known for his “Ascent Project” renders of Descent 2 bots, has taken on the creation of the most detailed rendition of Descent’s Pyro-GX to date. We’d like to thank Jordan Cain of Lighthammer FX for providing a solid base model to us which is now in the capable hands of our modeling head. Jordan’s contribution is a huge timesaver for us and proves again that Sol Contingency is a community-made game.

Take a look at the new gallery to see how Seb’s detail pass on the model is coming along. We’ll upload new progress shots as parts are added.

Sol Contingency: Proving Grounds – RELEASE: Christmas

29/09/2013, 00:04 UTC

Hello Descent fans!

Reserve some room under your virtual Christmas tree because the first build of our game that YOU can play will be available on December 24.

“Proving Grounds” will not be a single-player experience, but an exclusive preview of the multiplayer component of our game. We have decided to release this special build ahead of episode 1 (of the single-player campaign) because we promised you that you would play our game in 2013, and you will. The episode however will not be ready in time as we now estimate a proper release date of summer 2014. This is mostly related to initial birthing pains of forming our team, structuring development and finding good artists to provide concepts to build the game off from.
Please remember that everyone who works on this game is doing so on their free time and purely voluntarily, so setbacks such as this are bound to happen, unfortunately. We will not promise an actual date for episode 1, but it *will* come out in 2014. We have made good progress which, in turn, allows us to provide you the multiplayer build called “Proving Grounds”, giving you something to play with friends, absolutely for free. We hope you will enjoy it!

The build will feature authentic Descent-style flying mechanics, support for mouse, keyboard and joystick inputs, deathmatch and team deathmatch game types as well as five to six weapons in total. We are working on two separate maps at the moment to play in and will focus on making these maps as good as they can be.
As this build will be a preview of the full game, do expect a few things to not be there – the cockpit, for instance, will most likely be a HUD-only version. To show you what the full cockpit is supposed to look like in episode 1, we have uploaded two concept images to the new gallery. A shot of the WIP Class 2 Drone model can be found there too.

There is also a small FAQ section up that will answer the most common inquiries about this build and the state of the game in general.

We look forward to Christmas and to see you on the servers!

Level 1 concepts

22/08/2013, 22:26 UTC

Hello Descent fans! Our development team is working hard on concepting out the style and structure of the game’s first level, which will be a remake of the iconic first moments that every D1 player has lived through. And then some. You can check out two preliminary concept sketches by our new environment artist Anselm, both of which look different, but present the same room. Go to the Media page to find them.

Our music guys have also worked together in the past few months and drafted several versions of the Descent level 1 music, also in Media. The goal is to fuse an orchestral “film-style” background sound with beats and synths to move that classic FM MIDI feel back into our version of the game. While these tracks are just static concepts (the game will actually have music that adapts to the scenes), they should put a smile on every Descent fan’s face :)

Also, expect more art to come soon as the Class 2 Drone is being finished, and we will also show you some gameplay featuring the new Small Hulk!