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Another round of gameplay footage!

Hi fellow Descenters,

as promised, we want to sweeten up your wait with some more gameplay shots from the closed testing currently taking place. Our handful of veteran Descent multiplayer experts will help us sort out problems and balancing while we finish building the necessary stuff around the core game, preparing it for release in a few weeks’ time.

This time we’ve got raw footage from a testing session up on YouTube so you can hear the sound effects and watch how intense the fighting is in tight spaces with six players going against each other. We hope you enjoy it and prepare yourself for descent. The game is almost in your hands!

3 responses to “Another round of gameplay footage!”

  1. Fineus commented:

    Wow, that’s really coming along nicely – congratulations! Combat looks quite fast paced compared with the original titles, so I’ll be interested to see how easy it is to actually hit anything – but graphically it looks well… mind blowing.

  2. sigma commented:

    I want it!

  3. Battlebengt commented:

    I agree with Fineus, it looks like it is quite fast paced with what I remember the originals to be.