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Building a ship

What good would a multiplayer 6DOF game be without a kick-ass spaceship? Our 3D lead DuderSeb, known for his “Ascent Project” renders of Descent 2 bots, has taken on the creation of the most detailed rendition of Descent’s Pyro-GX to date. We’d like to thank Jordan Cain of Lighthammer FX for providing a solid base model to us which is now in the capable hands of our modeling head. Jordan’s contribution is a huge timesaver for us and proves again that Sol Contingency is a community-made game.

Take a look at the new gallery to see how Seb’s detail pass on the model is coming along. We’ll upload new progress shots as parts are added.

One response to “Building a ship”

  1. UltimateKane99 commented:

    *whistle* Looks amazing! :D Keep up the great work, please!