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Descent is here… again

Welcome to the fresh website of Sol Contingency. Ever since its inception in October 2012, a small team of dedicated spare-time developers have gathered and started turning the idea of a Descent remake into an actual game. While there is still some work to be done before something playable and attractive can be shown, we would like to kindly nudge you over to the Media section where you can find some great concept art and renders that were done in preparation for the game.

Also, check out our first teaser that gives you an idea of the visual quality we are shooting for.

We hope you enjoy your stay and don’t forget to follow us through mail subscription, RSS or Facebook to stay in the know about updates and the first release!

Prepare for Descent…

8 responses to “Descent is here… again”

  1. Edward Griswold commented:

    I use to play Descent with a pair Virtual IO glasses which gave a true 3D stereo perspective along with direction, yaw and pitch control.
    Loved the game

  2. Kinu Grove commented:

    Well this is going to be fun. I need a good reason to pull out a joystick again. I hope you have full support for more then mouse and keyboard.

  3. [cg]MM commented:

    I have not been this excited about a video game since the 1980s. Please keep up the great work. If I had more time I would offer to help. Also, please a link for donations on this web site. Most anyone who played Descent is likely to be gainfully employed by now. I urge everyone to chip in, per chance that we can descend into the mines sooner than later!

  4. Urungus commented:

    Considering they are using the Unreal Engine 3 it should make calls to anything DirectX related. That means whatever you have plugged in.

  5. [cg]STRESSTEST commented:

    Is there video of actual game play yet? I admit I just got here so I’ll continue to look around..

  6. Malec commented:

    So much want. Cannot wait to get my hands on this and the Oculus and run it in a VR environment. If this wont boot my Vertigo in the face, nothing will.

  7. Paul commented:

    Tried a few months back to start-up Descent 3 but it didn’t load and so reluctantly tossed it in the garbage. So this is exciting news.

  8. 1DVD4D2UDK commented:

    It’s so cool to be a part of creating a the Descent game in the Unreal Engine, I can’t wait to start playing it! :)