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First SolC gameplay footage!

Descenters, this is your first taste of Sol Contingency multiplayer gameplay! Enjoy!

13 responses to “First SolC gameplay footage!”

  1. David Pickard commented:

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! What a rush! CANT WAIT!!

  2. Zerophnx commented:

    Great work, keep it up, can’t wait!!!11!one!!

  3. Kaoss commented:

    OMFG!!!! This is amazing!!!! Can’t wait any longer, my hands are shaking, I need to play!!!!

  4. Ken Selvin commented:

    OM NOM NOM. :D

  5. Benedikt P. commented:

    Very cool! I’m really looking forward to try this!

    What’s up with the textures of the ships though? They are looking awful :S

  6. Zolyx commented:

    Totally amazing trailer and the music suits it perfectly. I spent many, many hours racking up a huge phone bill playing Descent online through Kali back in the day. I’m sooo hyped at the chance to enjoy some proper heart-pounding 6DOF action again!

  7. Strife commented:

    Again…. SUPER STOKED!!!! I remember those Kali days too… not having a CC and logging in every 15 minutes until mom would buy it…

  8. David Pickard commented:

    I got chills when i watched this…. Jethro is back in his pyro! Can you put a Facebook like link by chance? We got to spread the word on this amazing work.

  9. marty commented:

    OMG take my money already!

  10. [cg]MM commented:

    I have been playing D2X-XL for the past few years so I have been getting my D1 and D2 fix, however, this footage is so compelling … and yet I have the patience to say “take your time and get it right” and also “AWESOME WORK SO FAR, I CAN NOT WAIT!!”

  11. Davidgraybeard commented:

    Looks excellent! Also,take the time to get it right. Remember how often the big (i.e. well funded) game companies delay the release of products. My checkbook awaits!

  12. Nickolas Myers commented:

    This just gave me a ‘funny feeling’ in my pants. WANT!

  13. Nathaniel Snow commented:

    Cannot wait! I am willing to purchase whenever this product is finished!