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Getting close

Hi again Descenters,

it’s almost the end of April and our game is coming along nicely. We have an almost feature-complete build with every function in place that we had planned for this preview release.

However, even though the gamePLAY will be complete by next week, we are still missing a few important ingredients we absolutely need to integrate before releasing even an alpha-quality preview to you. This includes cosmetic things such as getting the menu interface to work as well as the vital tracking of multiplayer games and joystick input. We said the game would come with joystick support and we will make sure it works before releasing. In total, these additions should take another two to three weeks estimated.

However, instead of leaving the actual game sitting around waiting, we will use that time for some serious closed playtesting to make sure we get the biggest bugs and imbalances ironed out before the game comes out. Please understand what we are building is still an “early access” version of an unfinished product and we will rely on feedback from every one of you players to find and correct problems later, after its release. However, we want to deliver something that works right when it lands on your computer, so we have decided to pick a few Descent veteran players, who have already been involved here and there as consultants, to help us stress test the game while we build the aforementioned systems.

And, since the gameplay is basically complete, stay tuned for some tasty screenshots in the coming days that will give you a better impression of what to expect from the build.

We apologize for the delays and say thanks for sticking with us and hanging on till release day!

11 responses to “Getting close”

  1. Strife commented:

    Looking forward to it gents! If you need any other spots filled for testing, just let me know!

  2. David Pickard commented:

    Im veteran. Pick me! :) Thanks for dedicating your time to such an amazing classic.

  3. Duper commented:

    Sounds great! hang in there!

  4. Kevin commented:

    Great news, can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Carl commented:

    It’s great to hear about the progress that you’re making.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the release, once it’s ready :)

  6. Elpinio commented:

    Hi folks,

    since months i scan your homepage looking forward for a release.
    Would be so awesome. I played Descent 1 back in the dayz for hours and dayz and i want a revival!! :)

  7. Djcjr commented:

    Good to hear that it’s getting closer. If you need any extra help, let me know. I know of a few others, myself included, that would be good candidates for testing.

  8. Urungus commented:

    Thank for the news guys! I’m quite sure your ‘alpha’ release will be much better than most developers.

  9. [cg]MM commented:

    Please let me know who I have to pay to be involved in the alpha testing of this game. I am also a “veteran Descent player” as well as a D1 purist!

  10. [cg]MM commented:

    P.S. – I used the keyboard to play, not the joystick or mouse, in case you need someone to test your keyboard mappings ;)

  11. RC Davison commented:

    It’s great that you’ve taken on this project. I’ve been wishing for years that Descent would be revived. Don’t feel pressured to release something you’re not comfortable with. We’ve waited this long, a few more months won’t hurt! Keep on truckin’!