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Level 1 concepts

Hello Descent fans! Our development team is working hard on concepting out the style and structure of the game’s first level, which will be a remake of the iconic first moments that every D1 player has lived through. And then some. You can check out two preliminary concept sketches by our new environment artist Anselm, both of which look different, but present the same room. Go to the Media page to find them.

Our music guys have also worked together in the past few months and drafted several versions of the Descent level 1 music, also in Media. The goal is to fuse an orchestral “film-style” background sound with beats and synths to move that classic FM MIDI feel back into our version of the game. While these tracks are just static concepts (the game will actually have music that adapts to the scenes), they should put a smile on every Descent fan’s face :)

Also, expect more art to come soon as the Class 2 Drone is being finished, and we will also show you some gameplay featuring the new Small Hulk!

One response to “Level 1 concepts”

  1. ShadesMaster commented:

    YES!!!! I’ve been playing through Descent 1 (and soon to be 2 and 3); but THIS mod seems to be shaping up! I like both concepts but the 2nd one incorporates a human lookout post which I think is a nice touch.

    I have some level layouts on my computer that will become a sort of unofficial expansion for this; maybe the high-poly Descent II bots that are already made can be in the resources to use alongside the new D1 ones, even if not part of the official SOL Story?