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Sol Contingency: Proving Grounds – RELEASE: Christmas

Hello Descent fans!

Reserve some room under your virtual Christmas tree because the first build of our game that YOU can play will be available on December 24.

“Proving Grounds” will not be a single-player experience, but an exclusive preview of the multiplayer component of our game. We have decided to release this special build ahead of episode 1 (of the single-player campaign) because we promised you that you would play our game in 2013, and you will. The episode however will not be ready in time as we now estimate a proper release date of summer 2014. This is mostly related to initial birthing pains of forming our team, structuring development and finding good artists to provide concepts to build the game off from.
Please remember that everyone who works on this game is doing so on their free time and purely voluntarily, so setbacks such as this are bound to happen, unfortunately. We will not promise an actual date for episode 1, but it *will* come out in 2014. We have made good progress which, in turn, allows us to provide you the multiplayer build called “Proving Grounds”, giving you something to play with friends, absolutely for free. We hope you will enjoy it!

The build will feature authentic Descent-style flying mechanics, support for mouse, keyboard and joystick inputs, deathmatch and team deathmatch game types as well as five to six weapons in total. We are working on two separate maps at the moment to play in and will focus on making these maps as good as they can be.
As this build will be a preview of the full game, do expect a few things to not be there – the cockpit, for instance, will most likely be a HUD-only version. To show you what the full cockpit is supposed to look like in episode 1, we have uploaded two concept images to the new gallery. A shot of the WIP Class 2 Drone model can be found there too.

There is also a small FAQ section up that will answer the most common inquiries about this build and the state of the game in general.

We look forward to Christmas and to see you on the servers!

2 responses to “Sol Contingency: Proving Grounds – RELEASE: Christmas”

  1. UltimateKane99 commented:

    Yay! Can’t wait! :D

  2. Tony commented:

    Let me first start by saying Descent 3 is one of the best games of all time. I’ve dreamed so much about playing it again I am so glad you guys are doing this! Thank you!

    But here’s some food for thought… You are saying there are *pains* within your company that’s making it hard to get this out. Vince Zimpella, in an interview with IGN on TitanFall said, “…most people spend 5 minutes running through a single player map that took 6 months to development. Most players spend 100′s of hours in multiplayer.” I would totally accept it if you guys built out only the multiplayer portion of Descent in all it’s glory. I myself don’t care about the single player campaign.

    No disrepect. Thanks again for doing this…