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“When will this game be released?” you ask – here’s the answer

Hi Descent fans and new players,

many of you are wondering how “Proving Grounds” is coming along as we originally said we were targeting February to March as our release timeframe, but we have since stated in several comments and (passively) in two press articles that the game is now due to be out in March-April. We were trying to push for a March release but could not make it, so we are using the new window to get all kinds of things in order now that we have completed the heavy lifting of finishing basic gameplay and level design (which was a huge task to undertake).

As it stands, I’d estimate the “Proving Grounds” demo is 80% done at this point, but many features need to be finished, tested and balanced before release. We hope you bear with us a little longer as we storm down to the finish line with the game in tow. This is the first release of a game for many of us, but we will get it done after coming this far.

All the best and stay tuned

Sol Contingency Project Lead

12 responses to ““When will this game be released?” you ask – here’s the answer”

  1. homeyduh commented:

    I was kidding when I posted that meme! It wasn’t my intention to seem like I was being impatient. Like I said, take your guy’s time and make it super awesome! I’d rather have a well-developed and playable demo than one that crashes my computer constantly. Thanks a bunch Sol C team!

  2. Thrash75 commented:

    I agree with ‘homey duh’. Take your time! I have respect for developers, who take the “it’s released, when we are satisfied with the game” approach. So, polish that baby right up! :)

  3. cae2100 commented:

    If you need another beta tester, Im all for testing it. I already have a gaming system designed to just play this, so more than willing. :D

  4. Chris commented:

    Ah, I see the issue here. As new game developers, you were smart enough to make a time estimate, and then triple it. But only experience can teach you that you need to double it after that. ;)

    On a more serious note, can’t wait! Looks awesome guys.

  5. Duper commented:

    Thanks for the update guys! Remember, you don’t work for EA. And that being said, you’ve come further than any other “Descent Mod”. We know you’re dedicated. I appreciate you taking the time to get it right and letting us know. Very refreshing.


  6. Strife commented:

    Seriously thanks for the update. Vaporware has been the only thing we have witnessed in the past 5 years. Super excited guys!

  7. Urungus commented:

    No stress! Game play looks fantastic!

  8. Threepwood commented:

    Its ok to learn =) Take your time.

  9. Kaoss commented:

    Take all the time you need, I’ll take some meditation lessons to not freak out!!! Descent Descent Descent OOOmmmmm…… breathe… ommmm… It’ll be ready when the time is right… ooommmm…..

  10. Fineus commented:

    Keep up the good work guys – it’s good of you to keep the community in the loop (please continue to do so!) – there’s nothing worse than an exciting project which hasn’t seen ANY news updates on production in 6+ months. Better to say you need more time than say nothing.

    Anyway, really excited to see the end product in play so by all means shine it till you’re happy before you hand it out!

  11. UltimateKane99 commented:

    Seriously, it’ll be done when it’s done. We’d rather have the classic Descent experience than another rushed, half finished job. Everything we’ve seen looks incredible. Just keep it up and you’ll be perfect. :D Oooh, do you have a list of all the weapons that’ll be available in the demo?

  12. Yshrak commented:

    When It’s done!
    Descent Forever… Time to kick bots and drink mountain dew. But, I<m all outta dew.